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Auto Filling Machine

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Most commonly, automatic bottle filling machines are used in the beverage and soft drink industries. This machine uses a conveyor belt to fill bottles. It is economical and quick. Most PLCs are used to fill bottles with automatic filling machines. However, you can also make a basic and flexible bottle filler. The program can detect the bottle automatically using IR or ultrasonic sensors and allow the bottler fill the bottle by stopping the conveyer belt. Move the belt again and stop when you detect the next bottle. We will be creating a prototype of an Automatic Bottle Filling Machine. A stepper motor drives the belt conveyor at a preset speed. The stepper motor will continue driving the belt until an IR sensor detects a bottle on it. The IR sensor was used as an external trigger. The IR sensor sends a trigger whenever it reaches a high level, stopping the motor and turning on the solenoid valve. The code for bottle filling already includes a preset delay. The solenoid valve and stepper motor will remain on until the specified time. The solenoid valve will turn off the filling and the conveyor will move so the next bottle can fit.
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