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Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine SK-2
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Aluminum nespresso filling sealing machine with capacity of 5000-6000pcs/H

This machine is specially designed for coffee powder to be filled and sealed inside empty nespresso capsule. This filling and sealing machines applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components. All the parts of machine contact with powder are made of stainless steel.

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● One key operation, real-time monitoring.
● Servo motor filling high precision high-speed positioning movements, filling error less than 0.1 grams.
● Protection acrylic dust cover.
● No capsule not filling, no lid not sealing, air cylinder retraction detection.
● Air pressure detection, voltage phase protection, air tank buffer to keep production stable.
● Hopper very easy to be took off and cleaned.
● With wheels to conveniently move.

 nitrogen flushing 3 times before capsule sealing


Work Process # Capsules loading Capsules stack together, loading one by one, pneumatic type, nespresso shape capsule type.
# Nitrogen flushing 1st Flush nitrogen into empty nespresso capsule.
# Nitrogen flushing 2nd Flush nitrogen into hopper, coffee in a nitrogen environment.
# Coffee filling & pressing Accuracy error +/- 0.1 grams, vertical screw filling type, volume can be adjusted, all parts contact with coffee are made of SUS-304.
# Nitrogen flushing 3rd Flush nitrogen before foil lid placing.
# Foil lid loading Pick and place foil lid on filled capsules.
# Sealing Copper sealing heads, temperature can be adjusted, pneumatic sealing type.
# Finished cups drop Finished cups automatic drop down, can be built to other type.
# Mold cleaning Checking mold plate empty and then cleaning.

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